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My approach to litigation

I take pride in working with my clients and their other advisors to:




develop a deep understanding of the business realities underlying the dispute;

ensure they have a clear understanding of the law and procedure governing their issue;

so that we can together: (i) define both the true issues and the client's objectives, and (ii) draw on my experience to generate and implement innovative legal strategies to achieve the best possible result.

Where required, my clients also have the benefit of my deep network of senior litigators and other professionals who can be engaged on a managed, cost-effective basis.

I welcome and respect referrals

When you refer a client to me I know that my work reflects on you, as well as on me. Also, rest assured that I will never take on other work for that client unless you consent or I receive a request from you to do so.

Where the situation allows, I welcome collaborating as part of a team. Often a referring lawyer will have deep experience of the client’s business and circumstances that can be critical in designing the most effective legal strategy.

James B. Camp
Dispute Resolution

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Admitted to the Law Society
of Upper Canada and the
New York State Bar

The University of Western Ontario

The University of Western Ontario
Bachelor of Arts in Economics

The Advocates’ Society

Pro Bono Advisory Counsel
Commercial Litigation Practice Group
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Regulatory and Administrative Law
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